Splane Design Associates Inc – Designing and Licensing Product Innovations Since 1975

Scanning the horizon

For many years, Splane Design Associates, Inc. was able to make fortunes for its clients as a design consultancy. Since then, we have re-designed our business model so that we ourselves are able to benefit from the innovations we once generated for others, by selling and licensing our own designs. This mode of business, which we callDreamProjX, is one that has given us both creative and financial freedom through the years.

Having been fortunate in realizing so many of our dreams, we have now come to a point where, in order to take advantage of several profitable new opportunities, we must re-invent ourselves once again. By adding on new modes of sales and manufacturing and by working in concert with the complementary strengths of business specialists who allow us to focus on design, we have the pleasure of announcing a newly expanded platform from which we can share both our innovations and our way of work.


One Designer’s Background:

Born to a marine engineer father and a mother who’d worked as an artist at Walt Disney Studios, Robson Splane grew up near Hollywood, CA, where the film studios promoted an atmosphere of style and creativity, while the California coastal communities supported an environment where trends, technologies and innovations were spawned.

Ultimately earning a BA, two MAs and an MFA (equivalent PhD.), Robson worked his way through school by shipping off to sea aboard sailing ships for half of each year. Sailing the waters off the west coast, Latin America and extensively throughout the islands of the Caribbean, the colorful lifestyle deeply influenced his designs. “The beauty of marine designs comes from their function as well as their close relationship with their environment.” This is part of the philosophy Robson brought to the design of a wide range of projects including: medical devices, fitness, green products, computers, exhibits, furniture, consumer products, industrial equipment and more.

Robson concentrated on his graduate studies the remaining half of each year. He finished his education having completed more than twice the work normally required for industrial designers. He went on to teach design at three universities and ultimately punctuated his university education by setting off to study in Europe. Within a year of his return he married artist / designer Miriam Delarosa. Raised in the islands of the Pacific and educated in Hawaii, Miriam reinforced many of the influences that turned the design profession into a lifestyle at the Splane studios.

Originally housed in a building from the back-lot of an old movie studio, almost all that was needed to equip Splane Design’s first office was a door for a drafting table, some drawing tools, and a few pieces of woodworking equipment. As design firms must remain forward thinking, today Splane Design is equipped with state-of-the-art computers and precision machinery. However, the main element of its success always lay more in its methodology than in its tools.

Splane draws on more than 30 years of working with a wide range of companies and technologies, on hundreds of projects that are integrated into his experience. Robson’s work has been featured in books, magazines, and museum exhibitions. His management of the development process enables him to direct many projects a year, as opposed to one or two. As an example of the positive impact Robson can have, he’s been voted onto the board of directors of one of his former corporate clients, to advise on strategic advantages possible through design and manufacturing.

After years as the head of a design consultancy Robson decided to re-invent himself by developing a new business model called “DreamProjX”. Using this model he has concentrated on designing and licensing his own products. At the time of the writing of this piece, there have been many products licensed; several others in negotiation, and still others are in development. Over the past few years several of Robson’s designs have been successfully marketed on T.V. and cable.