Robson L. Splane Jr. IDSA, BA, MA, MA, MFA (Equiv. PhD), founder of Splane Design Associates, Inc., Careapeutics (SD & Mfg. Inc.), and DreamProjX-Arise, Inc.; Author of Dream ProjX.

A designer of over 30 years and former professor of design at UCLA, CSU Northridge, and CSU Long Beach, Robson Splane has been named on 70+ domestic, 20+ international patents and has had his work featured in books, magazines galleries, and museums.

Mr. Splane mentors at C.S.U. Long Beach and served as a board member of Hanson Research, Inc.,
developing analytic devices for the pharmaceutical industry.

Working his way through graduate school by working at sea aboard old sailing vessels for half of each year for seven years, he eventually became an alumnus of both California State University at Northridge and CSU Long Beach, and also completed some of his graduate-work while studying at the internationally renowned Pasadena Art Center College of Design. Before pursuing self guided studies in Europe, Robson was a designer for the international design consulting firm of Gould & Associates, Inc.

While owning and operating two design consulting offices north of Los Angeles Splane worked on projects for companies like, Lockheed Aircraft, Walt Disney, L.A. Gear, Teledyne-Laars, Sirius Radio, Sunkist, Harmon JBL, Tenneco Oil, General Motors and the King of Saudi Arabia. He eventually became involved (and specialized in) the design of 300+ medical, Rehab. and wellness projects, which led him to design for the T.V. / DR (info-mercial) market, and resulted in as many as three concurrent hits on T.V. at the same time. Several his individual designs each grossed sales in excess of $.5 Billion internationally.

Splane Design Associates, Inc.’s current product inventory is in excess of two score of new products, most of which are 70-100% ready to license or manufacture. After researching which markets were shown to have grown even during the recession of 2008, Splane has been designing and licensing products for those very markets. Among them: Medical & Rehab./ Assistive Products for: Seniors and Individuals with Limitations / Fitness & Wellness /Home & Garden Products / Green Products / Pet Products / Consumer Products / Electronics / & Lifestyle Products