SDA’s DreamProjX Program

Product Development for Royalties… Instead of Fees

The Inspiration -For decades Splane Design’s two offices worked with great companies like Walt Disney, LA Gear, Lockheed Corp., Sirius Radio, Sunkist and more. During meetings, their clients would often lament about dream-projects they’d always felt would make them a fortune but were never able to develop. So, Splane Design’s team strategized a way to work with these clients to help them make their dream-projects a reality.

How It Works – Product R & D costs run from $Thousands to $Millions. However, while only receiving their documented out-of-pocket expenses (with zero % mark-ups) and in exchange for pre-negotiated royalties, which are not received by the designer until after sales are realized by the partners, Splane works to develop their partner’s “dream-projects” to their specifications.

Splane Design Associates, Inc. (Est. 1975)
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