(Product Design for No $Fees)

Splane Design Associates, Inc. (Est. 1975)

Product Architects & Innovators

Splane Design Associates, Inc. develops and licenses new product innovations to companies looking for new designs to market. SDA also has a program called “DreamProjX” in which it innovates new products for companies, while only receiving their documented out-of-pocket expenses with $zero mark-ups.

Splane meets with qualified partners who have their own “dream-projects”, for which they’ve never had the time or staff to develop. Splane executes its methodology to create profitable products for their partners in exchange for pre-negotiated royalties, which are received by the designers only after sales of the products are realized by the partners.

Background-For decades Splane’s two offices worked with great companies like Walt Disney, LA Gear, Lockheed Corp., Sirius Radio, Sunkist and more. During meetings, their clients would often lament about dream-projects they’d always felt would make them a fortune but were never able to develop. So, Splane’s team strategized a way to work with these clients to help them make their dream-projects a reality.